Meet Tiffany

A session with Tiffany is unique and customized to you, every time. Tiffany has devoted her life to the healing arts. It is not just a career it is a lifestyle and passion. She understands what best suits her client and uses the combination of healing arts that best suits that client at that time.  Her experience with athletes, moms, disease, chronic pain and other areas of stress have given her insight on how to focus on the need of the client's individual issue.  This is not a one size fits all.  Each client, each visit receives a custom approach based on years of experience and Tiffany's ability to energetically sense what is best.



Traveling through various cultures to learn her craft and applying this knowledge to people of all backgrounds, careers, and interests has given Tiffany a breadth and depth of knowledge.  She will not treat you like the client before or after.  She will treat you like You with an interest in how to best assist you.



Each client has their specific need.  There is not a one size fits all massage or therapy.  An athelete preparing for a race has very different needs than a mom to be.  Listening to the client and being aware of their needs at the time creates the perfect experience.



Tiffany's education began in 1999 and continues to this day. It has spanned several modalities and countries.

"The best massage therapist. My massage was even better than I had hoped. You were very thorough and I appreciated how you asked what parts I wanted concentrated on during the massage. I felt that the individualized massage made it both more beneficial and enjoyable. You really go the extra mile to ensure comfort and benefit. My pain level has decreased dramatically since beginning massage therapy."

Ronnie Jones

Hours and Location

 Tue - Fri ~ Mid-Afternoon to Evening

Sat ~ Morning to Mid-Afternoon

By Appointment Only.

(309) 531-0421
1242 E. Empire St
Bloomington, IL 61701

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