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Harmonic Transitions Update

I hope that all of you have been staying healthy and well!

I am happy to announce that Harmonic Transitions is now back to normal working hours. Our region (Region 2) has not only moved from Tier 3 Covid-19 mitigations to Tier 2, but we now have moved to Tier 1.

There are currently no requirements or restrictions to receive a massage or treatment. You no longer need a medical script to receive a massage. As expected, I will still be adhering to my original Covid-19 safety protocols and practices to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of us.

Thank you so much for your love, support and understanding during these interesting times. I truly appreciate all the care and concern that I have received. I am overjoyed with love and appreciation for each one of you!

Harmonic Transitions
Tiffany Angelia Donaldson LMT

May your light always shine bright!

Massage Therapist

Welcome to Harmonic Transitions!

Harmonic Transitions is dedicated to offering a personalized massage therapy or energy healing experience whether you’re receiving a nice Swedish massage, an invigorating Deep Tissue massage or a Shamanic Healing. Various massage/energy modalities are applied to provide the most beneficial outcome for each client. All services come with a complimentary aromatherapy upgrade. The particular essential oils that are chosen are based on the client’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual needs.

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Meet Tiffany

A Massage Therapy or Energy Healing Session with Tiffany

A  session with Tiffany is unique and customized to you, every time. Tiffany as a professional massage therapist and energy healer has devoted her life to the healing arts. It is not just a career it is a lifestyle and passion. She understands what best suits her client and uses the combination of healing arts that best suits that client at that time.

Focus on the Client
Her experience with athletes, moms, disease, chronic pain and other areas of stress have given her insight on how to focus on the need of the client’s individual issue. This is not a one size fits all.  Each client, each visit receives a custom approach based on years of experience and Tiffany’s ability to energetically sense what is best.

Tiffany Massage Therapist

Client Reviews

"Tiffany is professional, personable and proficient in identifying the type of treatment and focus needed, drawing upon her wealth of knowledge and skill to deliver maximum benefit to the client. Highly recommended! "
Harmonic Transitions
"Even though I can only afford to get a massage a couple of times a year, it's obvious Tiffany remembers me and my issues. I really appreciate how comfortable she makes the entire experience."

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Have Any Covid-19 Questions?

I understand and appreciate the severity of Covid-19 and have put many measures in place that will protect my clients and myself. To learn more about the new measures and protocols click the “Learn More” button.

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